rioplay: Replacement player software for the Rio Receiver

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What's This?
This software is an attempt at an open source player that runs on the SONICblue Rio Receiver. This software is based on the work of Jeff Mock, David Schuetz, and many others from the Rio Receiver BBS. The primary motivation for this was to add streaming audio support to the Rio. Of course it's also just a fun embedded system that's easy to write code for.

Software Details
My initial goals for this software were to simply support streaming music in addition to music served by my computer. After toying with the idea of writing my own server software to run on the PC, I decided that there was no sense in reinventing the wheel and that Rio's server software would work quite well. There's also several other projects which have written replacements to the supplied server software. I personally have not had time to try my client software with anything other than the Rio supplied server software, so if you try this with other software and it works (or even if it doesn't) I'd like to hear about it.

Update: I've heard that RioPlay works with the latest version of JReceiver, version 0.2.2.

So where is it?
All RioPlay files are now available at our Sourceforge project page.

To use the receiver.arf, make sure Windows didn't tag an extra extension on there and place it in C:\Program Files\Audio Receiver\. You'll want to back up the receiver.arf file that's there, in case you want to switch back later.

If you're rolling your own filesystem, the player binary is /bin/rioplay in the tarball. It expects to find a streams.cfg file in the Rio's /etc directory. An example streams.cfg file is included in the source and binary packages. The source expects to find libmad.a from the MAD decoding library in ../mad-0.14.2b/libmad/.libs/libmad.a. You can change that location by editing the Makefile in the Audio/ subdirectory.

What works?
What doesn't?